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London Heathrow best Airport to get stuck in

(London – 09 November 2012) According to a recent poll by online travel-dating website,, if a choice was given on which airport they had to be stuck in; Frankfurt International Airport would be on their list.

Based on the poll of 5000 European users, the following list outlines the airports members wouldn’t mind getting stuck in the event of a delay or natural disaster. Even the highest rated airports provide the same travel frustrations and security issues, nationwide. However, some airports have added services, better culinary selections, offering a more entertaining mix of amenities for those passing through. MissTravel travelers have voted these ten airports as the ones they’d rather be stuck in:

Europe’s Best Airports to Get Stuck In:

  1. London Heathrow Airport (England)
  2. Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (Netherlands)
  3. Malaga Airport (Spain)
  4. Stockholm Airport (Sweden)
  5. Frankfurt International Airport (Germany)
  6. Gatwick Airport (England)
  7. Lisboa Airport (Portugal)
  8. Liefur Eriksson Airport (Iceland)
  9. Madrid Bajaras Airport (Spain)
  10. Brussels Airport (Belgium)

Based on our survey, members based their reasoning as to why they would prefer these airports to get stuck in over others on factors such as availability of extra amenities, cleanliness, entertainment, and food/shopping selection. “In order to ease frustration, travelers need to be distracted and entertained while waiting,” says CEO, Brandon Wade. “I fly every other week and have been through my fair share of travel woes. The first thing I look for if my plans go sour, is a place to work, and a good meal, which surprisingly, is not easy to come by in every airport.” Brandon Wade is a Delta – Diamond Medallion Member with 888,576 miles, American Airlines – Executive Platinum Elite Member with 99,756 miles, and United Airlines – 1K Member with 756,773 miles.