10 Promi-Skiorte: Wo Royals und Stars Skifahren gehen

(Köln, 06. November 2013) Prinz Charles fährt bereits seit Jahren nach Klosters, Königin Beatrix und ihre Familie bevorzugen Lech als Winterurlaubsdomizil. Bernie Ecclestone hat ein Hotel in Gstaad, James Blunt ein Restaurant in Verbier. Der Wintereiseveranstalter Snow Trex hat für Promi-Jäger zehn Skiorte mit dem ultimativen Glamour-Faktor zusammengestellt.

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Video – Hilton Worldwide Offers Solutions to Youth Unemployment Crisis – Call to Action to Help Prevent a “Lost Generation”

(Davos, Switzerland – 22 January 2013) At a time when more than 75 million young people can’t find jobs, and countless more are underemployed, investing in opportunities for youth is not only a critical development issue but also a growth strategy for businesses around the world. In response to this challenge, Hilton Worldwide will announce at the World Economic Forum a commissioned white paper from the International Youth Foundation (IYF) that highlights solutions to youth joblessness that the global hospitality sector is uniquely positioned to provide. The company will also announce the launch of Bright Blue Futures, a global commitment to youth development around the world led by its flagship Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand.

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