August 14, 2012

Bath, a World Heritage Site

(Bath/UK – August 14th, 2012) At the beginning of the 18th century, Bath was a rather old fashioned rural town. Since Roman times, the spa waters had attracted people to Bath but when royal visits made the city fashionable again, the elite started flocking to the town to take the waters.

The city also attracted author Jane Austen who was inspired by Baths golden terraces, grand buildings and fashionable shops. Bath appeared in several of Austen’s novels and today the city holds the Jane Austen Festival every September. It draws fans from all over the world, who love to dress up and explore the city she knew so well.

A new British invention, the terraced house, was born in Bath – a row of houses joined together in a uniform line, each with its own front door. One of the grandest set of terraces in Bath, is the Circus. Built almost like a wedding cake, the terrace has tiers of columns one on top of the other and a great balustrade with acorns running around it. It’s actually 3 big terraces that swirl round to make this “circus”.

The world’s first circular street was so grand, and its curved tiers of columns so imposing, that visitors likened it to the Coliseum in Rome turned inside out. Available material includes an edited package.

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